Fotóművészet A photocritical, theoretical and historical magazine. It was founded in 1966 on the initiative of the Hungarian Photographic Association. (hungarian)


Fotopost Pictures and critics,analyses, reviews, interviews, informations about photography or photography-related topics. (hungarian)

Mai Manó Blog

MaiManó Blog The blog of Mai Manó House (Hungarian House of Photography).

Blender The official website of Blender.


The MagyarBlender Csoport (HungarianBlender Group) manages the hungarian translation of Blender.

GraphicAll You can download nightly builds of graphical softwares from GraphicAll. You can find here the lastest releases of Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, YafaRay and LuxRender.


BlenderWiki The documentation of Blender in the wiki system. Currently it's not available in hungarian but we want to translate it after the translation of the software.

BlenderGuru The BlenderGuru is Andrew Price's website. He has a lot of high quality video tutorial presented with good sense of humor.

BlenderCookie BlenderCookie is a part of a website called releasing tutorials and articles about graphic. You can find here a lot of  high quality blender videotutorials.


BlenderArtists The biggest international blender forum. You can share your works here and ask your questions.


Blendswap You can download 3D files and materials from the Blendswap. With the free account you can download 200 Mb per month.


Blenderkuckó The first and the biggest hungarian Blender community. A website with understandable hungarian video tutorials edited by Róbert Ferenczi.



Domain-tarhely.netThe Hosting and domain provider of the site: Domain-Tá


Kelet Portál

East Portal - Articles about Asia.